Apostle Suleiman

Apostle Johnson Suleman the General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries,  has given missionaries an auto gift in order to spread the word of God to pastoral communities in the Country.
the purpose of the gift is to enhance the reach of the Gospel in the Country at large and to share the Holy bible with pastoral communities.
A videotape of the event posted on Suleman’s sanctioned Instagram runner reveals that the missionaries, who are couples, have been full-time missionaries for 17 years.
Saying at a church program, he asked them to distribute the two packs of Vocabulary they brought to the church.

soliciting with them subsequently, Apostle Johnson Suleman said,” When God calls people, it comes with high offerings”.
He also said that indeed thou they’re grounded in Lagos they move across other corridors of the country”.

Apostle Johnson Suleman blessed the missionaries with a Lexus bus, saying “ It isn’t from me, it’s from us. ”

The lowly missionaries went down before the Apostle in appreciation signaling their hands and entering blessings with appreciativeness with the sensation of purpose as they held up in the charge to reach the word to the poor.