Emelia Baidoo: It's pure wickedness for churches not to pay singers

Emelia Baidoo: A Ghanian Gospel Artist shares her opinion on Churches paying singers/instrumentalist

Emelia Baidoo, In an interview with Best FM’s Naacy on the Sunday afternoon show “Gospel After Church”, supported the notion that singers/instrumentalists should be paid fairly by stating “The worker is worth their wage”.

She explained that if it’s what someone does for a living in this capacity and has been called to serve during church services, they deserve compensation.

Emelia Baidoo, also says that “just as the Bible says, the hand that does not work shall not eat. If you run a church and have a prayer meeting, rehearsals, week-long programs, and in all cases, you expect the instrumentalists/singers to be there, but you don’t pay him?”

According to her, singers and instrumentalists are often underrated and not considered worth paying for their services in the church.

It’s the preparation that determines that output on that day, so it’s important to put all that, including the number of times you need him to do ministry, into consideration. My father used to say that a good Church is a good word, good praise and worship, good prayer, and a good sound.

She concludes that since music is an essential part of the church’s worship, it is important to compensate the musicians for their work to keep them motivated to serve God.


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