Gospel Musician Mike Kesse: There Is a Spiritual Side To Drug Addition, Not Just Pere Pressure - Creative Addictions

Mike Kessse – Spiritual Side To Drug Addiction

Ghanian Gospel musician, songwriter and performer Mike Kesse Speaking on JoyNews program, “Creative Addictions”, Sheds more light on drug Addictions emphasizing on the Spiritual aspect of it rather than peer pressure which is more recognized as one of the major cause of drug Addictions. Which he speaks more from personal experience.

Lets dive into what he Mike has to say concerning drug addiction.

“Sometimes it is way beyond what we feel like peer pressure. We should also think about the spiritual aspect too.

There is a spiritual side to it. It is like family inheritance. It is deeper than what sometimes we think. You can go back to your family history and you would notice that something that your father used to do, you also do same, something that you mother is doing, you do too. If it is not alcohol, maybe womanizing. You are doing it. It is a generational bomb,”

“It will really affect you emotionally and financially. Emotionally because sometimes because of anxiety, when you stand on stage you feel like you are shy when you see the crowd so you need something to shade you to take the shyness away. But at the end of the day, you would say something that you will regret later,” Said Mike Kesse on Creative Addictions.

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