On December 26, 2023, in Clinton, TN, we share with heavy hearts the news of Peg McKamey Bean’s passing from The McKameys.

If you have immersed yourself in Southern Gospel music, the name Peg McKamey is likely a familiar and respected one.

Raised in a minister’s household, Peg’s musical journey began in her teenage years within the church. In 1954, Peg, alongside her sisters Dora and Carol, initiated a family trio, later known as The McKameys, performing in their local church. By 1957, Reuben Bean joined as a guitarist, eventually becoming Peg’s husband two years later.

“We just thought we were gonna sing that one time, in our home church, but different people heard us and invited us to sing at their church or at revivals. Then out of town evangelists heard us at the revivals and invited us to come to their church” ~ Peg McKamey… And the rest is history as they say.

For over six decades, Peg and The McKameys faithfully shared God’s message of love and hope through their music. Peg, a seven-time Female Vocalist of the Year, received the 2012 Norcross-Templeton Award and was inducted into the Southern Gospel Music Association Hall of Fame in 2016

Mrs. Peg had a kindness and warmth about her that left a lasting impression long after she had left the room. Her love for God was infectious and unwavering. There will never be another like Peg McKamey but she leaves a lasting legacy.  Although the McKameys officially retired from full-time touring in Sept. of 2018, Peg and Reuben’s Daughter, Connie, along with her husband Roger Fortner and their son Eli are still going strong and are carrying on the tradition with their group McKamey Legacy which was founded in February of 2021.

She is now walking on streets of gold….barefoot, no doubt!

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