Gospel Artist Terri Bannister Weighs in on Her Single “Visitation”

Terri Bannister: Music as a Calling

As a recent mother to both a boy and a girl, Terri Bannister finds deep inspiration in the power of music. For her, music is more than a passion; it’s a calling. She has been drawn to music since a young age, creating melodies and writing lyrics effortlessly. Watching her sister’s music classes ignited her journey and shaped her artistic identity. Bannister believes in the transformative power of a well-crafted song, turning sorrow into joy and touching lives deeply. She uses storytelling in her music to connect spiritually, drawing parallels between biblical stories and modern life. Bannister’s faith gives her solace during uncertain times, and her music reflects her belief in the sustaining and uplifting power of faith.

“Visitation” – A Beacon of Hope

The music video for “Visitation” showcases Bannister’s unwavering faith and belief in divine intervention. The video symbolizes hope and the omnipresence of God, with Bannister dressed in white to evoke purity and transcendence.

Terri Bannister – Visitation

Terri Bannister on “Visitation”

“Visitation” is a soulful and spiritual song, beautifully orchestrated to serve as both a call to action and a balm for emotional wounds. The video features poignant moments of solitude, highlighting the artist’s devotion to prayer and worship. With stunning vocals, these scenes invite viewers to embrace pure spirituality.

The video includes testimonies from individuals like Bannister’s Goddaughter, expressing faith and resilience. Bannister emphasizes authenticity, staying true to her personal experiences with God. Through her music and visuals, she invites listeners on a journey of spiritual awakening and renewal, showcasing the enduring power of faith in troubled times.

Gospel Artist Terri Bannister Weighs in on Her Single “Visitation”

Interview with Terri Bannister

What do you like about making Gospel and soul music?

I love to sing, and as a believer, it’s a blessing to share my faith through music.

What artists have inspired you?

CeCe Winans and Candi Staton.

Why is it important to create songs with powerful messages?

Music is intimate for me. When I sing about my experiences, I’m open and honest. I want to share a message of truth and transformation, offering encouragement and hope to those in pain.

What Bible verses inspire you?

Psalm 51:17 and Proverbs 15:1 are among my favorites.

What’s your favorite part about making music videos?

I love the creative process and sharing my message in a relatable way.Any future collaborations you’d like?

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