Fada Oluoma: On Prayer, Prophecy And Prosperity Gospel Concerning The Nation Nigeria

Fada Oluoma took it to his Facebook handle to talk about Prayer, Prophecy and Prosperity gospel, relating to the current state of the Nation Nigeria, and the manner in which it is been attend to, it goes as follows,


Any honest Christian, especially those who prayed honestly from their hearts for the prosperity of the Nation and personal prosperity must be wondering why things are moving from bad to worse, despite all the crossover and January prayers, decrees and prophecies.

Only the delusional and ignorant believers will pretend like this is not a problem.

So, here is the thesis: how do you explain the deteriorating economic conditions of the country despite the tons of prosperity messages, prayers, decrees, utterances, fasts and prophecies? Does it mean that these spiritual exercises are powerless, or that God doesn’t exist or answer prayers? What’s the essence of doing all these spiritual exercises if they ain’t working?

Firstly, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with prayers, fasting, prophecies and decrees. There could be everything wrong with the motive and kind of prayers, fasting, prophecies and decrees.

Historically and biblically, Israel never prospered economically at any point by prayers, prophecies and decrees. Never in the old Testament period, the time of our Lord Jesus Christ, of the apostles and the early church, not today.

The peak of Israel’s economic prosperity in the OT period was the monarchy, it’s the 8th Century BC. They were so prosperous that they became immoral, and that’s the period of the rise of prophets like Isaiah, Jeremiah, Elijah Elisha, Amos and the rest. God raised prophets to warn them of the danger of materialism, not to make them prosperous.

How this generation of Nigerian Christians bought the gospel of prosperity and cling tightly to it despite the contradictory evidence should be the most sophisticated type of delusion for study. Prosperity gospel and it’s overt and subtle corrolaries is a hoax, a scam and a satanic idea.

“Blessed are you who are poor for yours is the kingdom of God” Lk 6:20.
“Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of God” Matt 5:3
“How hard is it for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God” Mk 10:21-25

How could the man who said all these and lived by them make you wealthy bc someone else made such prayer and decrees in his name? He never made any of his followers financially prosperous, those like Mathew who were wealthy became poor by following him. Then someone tells you today that by uttering decrees and prayers in his name you will become financially prosperous and Naira will become equal to a dollar, and you believe? You are just delusional and ignorant.

Should we stop praying? Nope, the effects of the genuine prayers and fasts and other pieties we do are showing. The fact that majority are still hard working and not resorting to banditry, armed robbery, prostitution and other destructive vices to make a living despite the hardship is grace from those prayers.

The fact that majority still believe in God, love God and people, spread love and hope in the midst of the economic woes are the effects of the genuine prayers and pieties offered here.

Genuine prayers and pieties are working, only the useless ones are not. Fake and false prophecies do not worl, have never worked and will never work.

Fada Oluoma

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Fada Oluoma: On Prayer, Prophecy And Prosperity Gospel Concerning The Nation Nigeria
Fada Oluoma: On Prayer, Prophecy And Prosperity Gospel Concerning The Nation Nigeria

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