Steven Malcolm New Full-Length Album Release ‘Boats’ (Based On A Truth Story)

Steven Malcolm IVAV Recording artist this new album today ’23 Feb, 2024′ titled ‘Boats’ meaning “Based On A Truth Story”.

His fans can stream music from his new album ‘Boats’ “Based On A Truth Story,Here

He also unveils a new music video for a standout selection.

Steven Malcolm – Nothing into something

“BOATS invites its audience on a voyage to Away—an oasis crafted for the chosen and managed by the redeemed,” the artist explains the inspiration behind the LP. “Envision a realm where your aspirations materialize, where your talents pave the path. Picture a haven whose allure mirrors its guardians, bonded by the narratives of the fractured. Step into Away.”

Steven Malcolm the Michigan Native is set to head a celebratory gatherings tonight 23 Feb, 2025 in his hometown of Grand Rapids at Studio COR3. The event is free and open to the public with an RSVP.

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