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Gabriel Eziashi Biography

Gabriel Eziashi is a British Nigerian Singer, song writer, worship leader and a pastor with the Redeemed Christian Church of God (born September 5th, 1972, Lagos Nigeria). He was born to the family of Mr and Mrs James Eziashi.


Eziashi is the 5th child in the family of 7 siblings. He attended both his primary and secondary school in Lagos state Nigeria.Mr Gabriel Eziashi is a Diploma holder in Business Administration from the Ibadan Polytechnic. He also studied Theology and Apologetics at Oxford University, United Kingdom.


Gabriel Eziashi is married to Oludayo Eziashi with whom they are blessed with two kids Bryana and Yamis.

Gabriel Eziashi and wife Oludayo Eziashi


Eziashi started to sing from childhood, according to him music is a place he runs to find meaning to any situation he finds himself

“I guess it’s always been there from childhood, it’s always been a place I run to, to get meaning to life or any situation I find myself in. To me, music is THE LIFE I LIVE.”

Eziashi has led the Redeemed Christian Church, Jesus Worship for over 12yrs. He stated that Jesus house worship for all Nations served as his grooming ground he also revealed the impact the teachings of his Pastor Mr Agu Irukwu had on him which helped prepare him for his journey in the music industry. Stating the things he learnt during his time with Jesus House for All Nations (RCCG).

“Jesus House for All Nations (RCCG) was my grooming ground. This was where the word and teaching of Pastor Agu Irukwu prepared me for greater heights in the music. It did not stop there as I further went to Pastor a church for over five years. Now if all these were put together these were the things I learnt:

  • I learnt that Gospel Music is not about Competition with other artistes.
  • I have an understanding of the message God would have me share with His people; which is to bring (True Worship) and to (create a heart of intimacy with God).
  • I understood that this race is not to the swift, but to those who will do what He has instructed them to do.
  • Finally, I understand that it is a privilege to be used by Him.”

Gabriel Eziashi is popularly known for his hit song My Praise.According to Eziashi his music genre can be classified as Afro, Hip – Hop, Country Music, Blue’s or more, it’s totally up to the fans. All i do is put out what’s laid in my heart He said


Albums and EP

  • Schemonch. 2003
  • Atune to Worship 2023
  • Lifted 2018
  • Stand by me 2006
  • Intimate moment 2009
  • Simplify: Live Worship 2014

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