Great Ampong: Gospel Singer Reveals No Political Party Has Reached Him for Campaign Song

Great Ampong strongly denies getting paid by a political party to make a campaign song for the Ghana 2024 elections.

During a recent interview, the famous Ghanaian gospel artist clarified that no political group has approached him for this kind of deal.

“Whoever said I have received money for a campaign song is dreaming. I haven’t been contacted or received any money to record a campaign song,” Great Ampong

Ampong continues to back the NPP

But he made it clear that his political support won’t change his beliefs or professionalism. Despite feeling neglected by NPP leaders before, he stands firm in his support for the party.

“Whether I choose to release a political song this year or not, my allegiance to the NPP remains steadfast,” he declared during an interview on Connect 97.1 FM.

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