Meme Umukoro: How I handle pressure as gospel artist

Meme Umukoro is a talented gospel singer signed to Hammer House Records and SG Musik Production. She recently released her debut song “Wonderful Wonder” featuring Eben Rocks and is grateful for the opportunity to pursue her passion in music.

In an interview with The Entertainer, “Meme Rise,” expresses immense gratitude for her journey as a recording artist. She feels blessed and excited, acknowledging that her success is a result of God’s will and hard work. She emphasizes the transformative power of serving and working according to God’s plan.

How do you feel about being a recording artist now?

“I will say I am so blessed, this is all amazing. It’s the handwork of the Lord. It is beyond my dreams. I am so excited to be here, you see many times, when you serve, when you work according to the will of God, you never know how God will do it. Just expect His transformation.”

What would you say impacted your genre?

It’s my dedication to the work of God.

How do you think your music will impact the gospel music industry?

I see my music making a great impact because the hand of the Lord is upon it. When you listen to my songs, you feel God’s presence because they are inspired by the Holy Ghost. Whenever I read my Bible, I see how God loves us. So, I meditate. God puts things in our spirits to spread to the world, so I know by the grace of God that my music is going to reach every nook and cranny. My music is going to go to those who are sleeping spiritually and wake them up.

My music will go to the hopeless and give them hope; it will go to all those who think that God is far away and bring them into His presence.

Let’s talk about you; can you tell us about yourself and your growing-up days?

My father’s name is Michael Akire and my mum is Mrs. Elizabeth Taiwo. I would say my siblings and I are so blessed to have them as our parents. I was born in Benin; I grew up in Benin; schooled and got married there. I will say everything about me speaks to Benin because I have never done anything outside Benin.

Do you know the meaning of my name Edomeme? It means Edo is good for me, and everything has been good for me.

Married with children?

Yes, God blessed me with five lovely children. And two are already in the university. God has been so faithful, my husband is also in Benin, and he works with the Delta State government.

You said you have been singing right from children’s church days?

Yes, I have followed all the processes and now growth has located me. I would love to thank my pastor, Bishop Abraham Chibundum. His preaching and words always minister to me while composing my songs. I have been serving in my church, Voice of Freedom Ministry, for 20 years but I have been the praise team leader for 12 years.

Aside from Music, what else do you do for a living?

I am a fashion designer.

Did you design this particular one you are wearing?

Yes, I did. I made all the outfits you saw in my music video.

Was there a particular time in your life or career when you were crying to God for a change beyond singing in the choir?

I would say yes; so many times. I have asked God for upliftment. I know He wants me to be a voice that will spread His gospel out there. I did some songs and videos that didn’t go far or get to the top. I have always asked God for more successes and He is always showing up. There was a time a pastor told me that I should go, that God was going to do a new thing in my life.

The name Meme Rise, how did you come about it?

You know my name is Edomeme and the fact that God is always telling me that I will rise, I came about bringing His commandment over me into fulfillment with the abbreviation of my name and his promises to form ‘Meme Rise’.

How do you manage to balance music and family pressures?

Music is a very hard work because it takes a lot of rehearsals, resources and you being in His presence. God’s presence is also important and you know family has always been there because I was born into a family before having mine and one of the things that helps is having a good partner. My husband has always been there for me; he has been instrumental to all these you are seeing now. And I want to say thank you baby. He’s been very helpful.

How did you manage to stay this beautiful?

I will say it’s been God’s grace.

How do you intend to manage your career and your relationship with God?

I am trusting God that grace will be released to do everything at the same time. My spiritual assignments in the church will not be affected because I have people who are very supportive and can stand in for me whenever I am gone on the other assignments. You know when you live the Lord and do His will, everything you do will be easy for you. You go beyond your strength to do everything for the Lord. So, I don’t think my career will affect my service to the Lord.

What kind of gospel music should we expect from you and how do you intend to handle pressure when you become very big?

Like I said, I will be trusting God for his strength. I intend to handle it all by the grace of God.

What’s your strategy for staying relevant?

My strategy is to always be in God’s presence, so I won’t lose focus.

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