Marvin Sapp is Recording His 16th Album On May 31st!

Marvin Sapp is known for his consistent success in the Gospel music industry, having released 15 albums, with seven of them reaching #1 between 2007 and 2022. He is now setting up to record his 16th album live at Valley Kingdom Ministries on May 31st.

“Chicago has always been a great market for me. It’s been a while since I’ve been there, so when I decided to record this album live, I thought it was the perfect time to return,” says Sapp.

Sapp is famous for creating amazing live music experiences that turn into musical gems. He recorded his best-selling album “Thirsty” live, along with “Here I Am” (2010), “You Shall Live” (2015), and “Chosen Vessel” (2020).

“Live recordings are a unique experience because you get to feed off of the energy in the building,” says Sapp. “Sometimes a song will take on a life of its own because of how it shifts the atmosphere and how people respond to it. Recording live is very special and I’m excited about what will happen on May 31st.”

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